Manfred Nolte on Financial Transaction Taxes

martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Demagogia y Alarmismo orquestado contra la TTF

Va una de alarmismo dirigido que no tiene sustento objetivo. Comienza así:

Europe’s Financial Transactions Tax, to be imposed by eleven EU countries next year, could cost up to 640,000 jobs according to new research.While the European Commission reckons the tax will raise €34 billion, this figure does not take account of the significant negative impact of the tax, particularly in jobs lost both within the participating states and beyond, says the report.The study, by Brussels think tank New Direction, uses the EU’s own economic models to measure the possible employment losses.

The Financial Transactions Tax is becoming increasingly controversial, with the UK government issuing a legal challenge and even the French Government demanding large scale changes to the tax earlier this month.The Real Economic Impact of a European Financial Transaction Tax calls into question the EU’s own analysis of the tax, saying that it ‘wishes away’ any downsides to the measure with a series of naïve and optimistic assumptions about how the money would be spent.

“The European Commission knows that the Financial Transactions Tax will cause serious economic damage, but has hidden this behind some heroic guesswork about how governments might spend the proceeds”, said Tom Miers, the think-tank’s director. “Our study, using the EU’s own methods, shows that more than half a million jobs are at risk from this measure.”He continued “the EU needs to do much better if it to convince people that this tax is a good idea. There are growing concerns about FTT, and rightly so. This new analysis is surely the final nail in the coffin. It’s time to scrap this dangerous tax once and for all.”Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, President of New Direction, commented: “As the report states, this scheme involves governments effectively taxing themselves to raise income in order to pay down debt. The tax will be bad both for those countries participating and for their trading partners.   It is right that the British government is mounting a legal challenge. I am not surprised that the US Senate is considering action to protect US securities transactions from excise taxes imposed by foreign powers.”

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