Manfred Nolte on Financial Transaction Taxes

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Resumen politico de la TTF, Junio 2012

Robin Hood Tax Political Update June 2012
Jasmine Burnley and Richard Carr
Shaping an international deal on FTT
• Germany signals it will abandon the push for an EU wide 27 FTT, opening up
the way forward for Member States to vote down the EU 27 option and agree on a
smaller coalition of the willing (representing 90% of Eurozone GDP) FTT at the
June 22 meeting of European Finance Ministers
• New French President Francois Hollande raises the FTT in key international
fora and continues to press heavily for a European FTT.
• The European Parliament has voted in favour of a FTT. Though the vote was
non-binding the issue may well become live at the ECOFIN meeting of 22 June.
• Thousands of nurses march in Chicago calling for an FTT as leaders meet at the
G8 Summit in Camp David (18-19 May) and the Global FTT Week of Action (15
May-23 May) saw support (and headlines) around the world (35 countries) for an
FTT. 500 blogs covered the week’s events.
• FTT to be raised at G20 Summit in Mexico (18-19 June) and Rio+20 Earth
Summit in Brazil (20-22 June)

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